eMatrix Embed Youtube video

eMatrix Embed Youtube video

eMatrix Embed Youtube video is Joomla plugin to embed a Youtube video and video playlist to article and category by pasting video’s url.

eMatrix Embed Youtube video works only for Joomla 4.

Below are the URL Formats supported

eMatrix Embed Youtube video Plugin features include:
Responsive YouTube Videos
HTML 5 Video
support multiple video
Settings : Show or Hide Related Videos, Control Bar, Video Info
eMatrix Embed Youtube video settings

Download eMatrix Embed Youtube video

How to use eMatrix Embed Youtube video
Click here to purchase the plugin from above link and install it to your website.
Enable the plugin in the plugin manager
Insert youtube url into any article or category of your choice, then the youtube video will automatically loads on the page.

Please note that the URL Formats http://m.youtube is not supported.

Any question please feel free to contact adeola@e-matrixng.com

How to set individual size of youtube
Insert div tag (or p). When you are creating or editing an article or module, click Toggle Editor and insert div or p tag like the sample below

<div style=”width:600px;”>youtube url here</div>
<p style=”width:600px;”>youtube url here</p>

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