If Equity were a School, What Grade would you be in?

If Equity were a School, What Grade would you be in?

This assessment is designed for school district leaders. It is designed to determine just how “mature” their school district is when it comes to the issue of educational equity.

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Number a piece of paper from 1 – 20. Answer each of the following questions Yes or No. If you are unsure, answer No.

  1. Equity is part of the discussion at the board level.                                       

  2. Our district has a strategic plan is in place with defined goals, initiatives, and desired outcomes beyond those required by state or federal regulation.                                                                                         

  3. The board of trustees has put measures in place to respond to regulatory guidance or funding compliance.         

  4. Equity is recognized as a benefit to student achievement.                    

  5. Cultural awareness is acknowledged as a benefit to improved relations with community stakeholders.    

  6. Equity initiatives are developed and implemented at the school level.        

  7. Diversity initiatives are developed and implemented at the school level.   

  8. The School Board recognizes the academic and socio-emotional benefits of equity. 

  9. The Superintendent recognize the academic and socio-emotional benefits of equity.  

  10. Our district can demonstrate that schools implementing best practice strategies surrounding equity have shown success in academic and behavioral domains.                                                                  

  11. Equity is part of the superintendent’s strategic plan.       

  12. Diversity plays a key role in seeking to hire the best talent for our district.    

  13. Board policy exists in support of equity integration into academic and behavioral guidelines, procedures, and protocols.        

  14. The Board and superintendent are committed to creating learning environments that support equity.    

  15. Professional development of faculty and staff develops adult behaviors to eliminate implicit bias and promote equity.  

  16. Equity is part of the culture of the district in every school and department.  

  17. Equity is how things are done.                        

  18. Equity is part of the instructional, social, and disciplinary models. (Must be true for all three.)     

  19. Equity drives the strategic initiatives of the district.          

  20. The impact on academic performance and disciplinary data is evident.      

To find out how you scored and get a copy of the Equity Maturity Matrix, click this link.


Disclaimer. This assessment is not a scientifically validated tool. It is designed to help school and school district leaders begin a discussion on the topic of equity and take steps toward further professional development. 


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