Web Design

With e-Matrix, concept, brand, design and technical requirements are first analyzed and then combined with an intense understanding of your forward strategy before the first page of your website is designed.


SEO Optimzation

A concrete SEO strategy combines content optimisation, technical optimisation and authority optimisation. At e-matrix, we have professionals in each of these, ensuring your website ranks well in the SERPs and drives traffic to your website.



We use a variety of methods, from simple sketching to high fidelity prototyping, to explore, communicate and test design options with both you and your end-users, and find the best solution.

About us

Since 2011 we’ve been making the internet Easy for start-ups, established businesses, students, clubs, individuals, community groups and charities. We are internet experts and we take vast pride in what we do.

Today’s world is data-rich and time-poor – precisely where our unlimited cloud storage comes to the rescue and delivers incredible value for money.

This is why so many of our earliest customers are still around today – we’ve grown together and they’ve been recommending us from day one!

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